Another Hot day !!!

Whao, today weather is real hot. Been riding around giving Samsung Flyers. Distributed about 2000 flyers today.

First stop was at Ang Mo kio MRT, since it was early in the morning, the crowd was still ok.

However I notice a few things with Singaporean. I was standing under the shelter along the MRT station toward the bu stop

Here are the I few felt Singapore are quite selfless, however there are still good ones.

  1. Average about 5 out of 250 flyers , 5 replied thank you to me. wah I was shock. And most of them were aunties and uncles. How about those more educated and youngers they either
    • walk away
    • treat you as transparent
    • look down
    • shake their head ( this is still ok as they have response)
    • give you the “Look”
    • some of them do smile
  2. then the bad aunties and uncles,
    • look up
    • give you the “look”
    • ignore you
    • the best thing ( take an straight throw, and I mean throw – they threw on the ground it was really terrible to see that . And SINGAPORE was suppose to be a green city.
    • With all these little bugs around , no wonder we are still lagging behind.

however this com to a point well, I feel why some people are success and some not, because early in the morning , some people are showing the “face” like the whole world owes them something, some look down , gloomy …like that how not to have a bad day.

While from others you see bright smile, walk up straight. Man you can see the confidence : )

Bishan MRT was alos the same case, an I was thinking it would be better, I would say that the corwd in bishan today are more proud… they walk as even there eyes were on the head… or is it that my tattoo that make that feel that I may be a convict???

Yellow Ribbon project successful ??? a point to ponder ….

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