Marketing Exams

today marketing, questions did not come out as expected. Was longing for IMC but the main bulk came out on pricing.

However, I feel that I manage my time well today. I did my best. 1 mistake I learn today. DO not rush, cause i may have answers the question for my section in a wrong way. Learn something new everyday

Well it ok. Think this paper still not a big problem… Can get A, A- though.

Well preparing for tml GEK1511, today went to borrow textbook , ran out liao realise that a lot of pple like me , never get text book. : )
but anyway I never prepare to use a textbook.

today also got caught in the rain , afraid will get fever …think will pop a aspirin before sleep.

Well towards my goal of Deans list..Gek and Legal here I come : )

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