New Point in life ???

This time round I think I have lose to the market. Thinking back when I was winning few months ago , I was still telling myself that never expect I was able to make money out in the market. I also never expect that I was dropping in too deep. It was like gambling. everyday I was drown in the market, not much interest in studying think that market could make me rich. And when market went down I still think there were hope for me. When I started to lose more that I could handle then I know I was trapped.

This is a point in time where I start to ask myself? what was I doing … I also see other people drowning into shares everyday, just like me and I wished th very best for them.

Now I have nothing much left, I am sad …I am worried ..But then I have to put this behind me. All I need to do is to start again I tell myself it not easy but I believe I can do it. I am writing this because I have no one to talk about this issue. I hope by writing this down I can always remember that Greed can kill. I haven always known that Greed but I never knew it could overwhelm me, but today I tell myself as long as I am alive and I will fulfilled my wish that I give my mom a good life. I must succeed. I tell myself never to give up. There is always hope and life out there. Even now without love I still have love , my mom love and friends and family…

all is not lost… One more time and get the best out of it.

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