today many thing happen , within a short period of time. I have mixed feeling through out the day. Today lesson learn in stock mkt. Today STI drop, so the put warrant I gotten rise to about 0.47, then then I was thinking if I could get more money out for it. Greed!!! so I decided to buy 10 lot more and decided to sell at 0.50 maybe earn a few hundred dollars … who would have thought when I reach school. The price raise up to 0.57.. hahah I was more than happy. Then Greed sets in again loh ..wanting more dun want to sell.. Then the news came. OUB result came out. at 2pm today, the mkt picked up… This is the point where I learn my lesson . every second the mkt picks up I was losing some profit, I feel the sudden rush of selling coz due to an experience me I fear that the mkt pick up then all will be back to square 1… Then I sold off at 0.430.. losing a bit on the second lot that I have purchase. Today lesson taught me to more steady, stay clam in times of trouble also I realize that I am too involved in stocks liao that I canfeel its starting to affect my life. I seem to be drifting away from school work and all. Now that I know I will buck up on my school work so that I want to be in the dean list just like the rest of the guys. However it rounds to the decision and choices I have made.
a phase for me to remember (when the mkt is announcing good result will result as sell on news. announcing bad result will result as sell on panic. Only announcing better than expected result will rise.)

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