Chinese New Year 2007 – My Resolutions

Today we say goodbye to the year of the lunar dog and welcome the PIG.

This will be a great year for me.

Today 8am getting all ready for training , when I realize I left my shoes in my bike box. and what happen to my bike. I also not sure. Dunno why when I start riding a burnt smell will start to come out, and when I stop smoke will appear. I ask the workshop near the school they say the rectifier might be burnt. @#$%^ actually say I wanted to say this but afraid that people will laugh at me. Because every time I buy a second bike some bad things will happen, when the1st time I got a 2nd bike it also when up in smoke…hiaz I have got a lot of experience with 2nd hand bike liao but what to do they are cheaper … The best 2 bike I have ride so far is R6 and super4 I personally think they are the best.

However this time around, I am no longer frustrated . in th epast I get very piss off and often ending up in a bad day. This time round I would not get into a bad mood because I know that it will turn out to be fine after the repair.

Also I am already thinking and really hoping to be going for NOC. I hoped I can go out and see the what are the things outside. Recently got into th etrend of playing stocks seem like quite fun but must becareful not to fall into the trap!!!

And maybe a Chinese new year resolution

The most important not to procrastinates … TAKE action

My journey of owning a car… (Reading the post, it is so funny to think back of my wishes)

  • suzuki swift Age 25-26 (I am 28 now, and I am without a car hahah but, Things are beginning to change as I put forward my trust to God)
  • Mazda RX 8 Age 28-30 (I am sure that I will obtain a Car at the age of 30) 🙂
  • Porsche 911 30-34 (To be review again)

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