Haha finally get the geessssss of topic 5.

Bayes’ theorem (also known as Bayes’ rule or Bayes’ law) is a result in probability theory, which relates the conditional and marginal probability distributions of random variables. In some interpretations of probability, Bayes’ theorem tells how to update or revise beliefs in light of new evidence: a posteriori.

The probability of an event A conditional on another event B is generally different from the probability of B conditional on A. However, there is a definite relationship between the two, and Bayes’ theorem is the statement of that relationship.

Today the STI market went up up and away , with the cut in corporate tax of 2%, hopefull this will also benefits the starts up company, seems like it is a good time t start a new business now as todays budget keep mentioning the aids they will provide to start up.

something bad happen today , after I had my lucch I had a bad stomache. I am quite sure that this happen right after I had my lunch , but I am also sure that the bread that was prepared was clean. haiz …dunno why like that .

Planning to get the bike fusion, dunno is it worth it a not , scare buy liao neber use .
This bike going for $650.00 is it worth it????hmmmmm

I should have taken the opportunity , I have let 2 opportunity to be out of my sight …
I have learn a big lesson once the opportunity comes get to work asap…

Hopefully tml STI also Choing chiong hahaha

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