Its been a long time since I have post. Many things happen recently. A friend of mine got killed in a accident in a motorbike accident. life is fragile – I was having lecture with him just the day before.
This also made me realize life is not just about chasing about material life, because life could just ended when the time arrived.

Therefore I am going to post a blog everyday , so that if and if something happen I could have some day a person would still know about my story or I could be still remember.

I got a quote from Tony Robbins what is best time to do things then NOW!!! I am going to get up and start doing things that I always wanted to do and I AM GOING TO DO IT NOW.


  • e-ventz site not revamp
  • sendoutcards sales not good
  • relationship
  • need to improve studies
  • new business

what the reasons I have always been telling myself..
I have always been telling myself that I ave not time or the worst thing I have always say that later I will do it.
What I do not want to go through a again.

  • poor
  • no money
  • not happy

I have make out my massive plan this time round.

I must revamp my site, every hour a day.
same for blogging my plan is to post some pictures everyday.

Form a team for new business. Marketing is form now planning for the tech team.

revision for studies , I am going to let those who look down on me to know .. I can do better I must do better.

I must a have business better than sendoutcards.

I have a good news to share I have made it into the IVP team biathlon this time round.
I must improve, if a they are giving 100% I must give 110%.

I must not let my teams mates down
I must not let myself down

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