MNO group outing

A great outing that day : ) We went Ding tai Feng follow by balcony.
Had my favorite wine and course we took lots of photos. How I wish every project group was this close. MNO1001 A19 the next session I hope will be a oversea trip together ..haha

Today, I received to buy a stock .. so I login in to poems and placed my order at 0.36cent. Then I left for school, never did I expect that the order never got through . The last trading price was 0.47cent. haizzzzzzzz. Think if it is yours , it would be yours.

My burgman sent for servicing today, lucky it was just a need to change battery…
also I completed my servicing too. Hopefully I won have to spent too much on this bike. furthermore hopefully I can get a internship this summer than I can earn some cash for holiday with ODAC.

Today , also did something worng , forget to tell Serene about the change in tutorial …Heng she was not angry with me otherwise I will feel so pai sei …

training was good today , manage to keep up with the swim , I want to make it into the team so I could avoid paying for the registration and all..hopefull this can be a form of push factor hahah

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