Desaru cycling trip 01

18/12/06 – left home at 8am reach Pasir Ris interchange around 9.15am , Meeting the ODAC group at 9.30am. Therefore took a cab down to changi Village ferry terminal but … We students behaving like true ‘Singaporeans‘ , There are still people who are late. *Damn wasted my cab fare.

Signed up for the cycling trip alone, hoping to know people from other faculty. Was quite surprised when I saw Fiona and Xiu Qing(*ops), they are from the NUS Biathlon. Was glad to see them now that I do not have to be a loner, because other people came in groups.

About 1030am , Bum Boat here we come. This the Bum Boat that we travel on. A high chance of having this number on the 4D this saturday. $$$$$$$$$$

Start of the trip, weather looks “Good”

Long haul Road ahead , 20 Km to Lunch where we are planning to have great Seafood
Another 30km from Lunch Point to Camp Site (Desaru Beach)

Take 5… Weather Changing fast…

Finally reach lunch point…WET and Smelly

Seafood Restaurant we chose to have our lunch, We had

  • Cereal Prawn
  • Kang Kong
  • Tou Foo
  • Thai Chicken( Eating thai food in malaysia?)

anyway what I want to review is that we had been ‘chopped’ , because what we are having we can get half price at another seafood restaurant further down. What we are paying is for the branding … if you notice in the picture it has been branded by SIngapore ” You xuan mei shi wang”

So we ae paying for the Brand….:(

But food was wide out FAST !!!

We did not carried on our journey, because the rain was pouring heavily, the Comms had to send the bike to the camp site and send the rest of the people there too. In order to save the trip because each trip to and back is around 30mins …
Some of us stay behind .. trying to squeess in more bicycles into the classic 1 tonne.. And ‘yes’ 28 bikes into the 1 Tonne…

Too tired … gtg

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