its been a week now since the holiday, i am still quite loss on what is going to happen to me in the future. I feel that I am going around aimlessly , not sure of what I am going to do in th future. I WANT TO CREATE A SUCCESSFUL EVENTS COMPANY. I want my send out cards business to grow. However at the same time, I like to enjoy my time in NUS , I like to try things that I haven done before, I want to play , make friends , dive , travel , basically experience life. There are so many things to do in life, what are the ones that I truly want.

at this point of writing, I am going to set my goals (long term)

  1. start doing event – conducting seminars and forums TO be A spirit of entrepreneur Honoree 2007
  2. Increase the awareness of sendoutcards
  3. Travel

I have a big problem , I realize that I always like to puash back some of the stuff that I do, I wait last minute. Successful people never FAIL TO PLAN. And I seriously Need to change this s habit.

Few things I like to yadayada about …
I may be taking too much stuff in school not focus

  • expression
  • TDM
  • welfare
  • ching gay
  • Bialthon
  • network group

I am going to focus on building events and Bialthon <<< Goal for next Sem.

Result is out
Its not what I expexted , but I have this feeling that I be getting this grade this sem. so its still ok. A different feeling from Poly, I used to be getting average result in poly. But here I start getting B and Cs, However I need to manage my expections.
But its ok, 1 time cannot 2 time . the thing is to preserved. NEXT Semester I am going to be on the DEAN’s List 🙂

Money , I must learn how to manage Money. I must laren how to handle money.
SO I set my foucs not to Learn how to make more $$ with money
INVESTING —-Land Banking ?? Stocks

I Will be in the Team

Travel …Backpacking here I come…

Mindmapping and Law of Attraction<<<< practice

Here are some ways of expressing the Law of Attraction:

Birds of a feather flock together

Like attracts like

Whatever you want wants you

What you sow, you reap

What you put out you get back

What comes around goes around

Finaaly I wlays wanted to write all this out , now I feel much better and comfortable 🙂

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