training log 01

Today , I just did my bia weights training. it is draggy but it was also tiring.

  1. hamstring balance 3×15
    • strengthening exercise for hamstring
    • no problem
  2. Lunges
    • good stretching
    • but not able to fully stretch right legs, coz due to injury from rollerbalding
  3. chestpress
  4. Dead lift
    • this 1 need to focus on form
  5. Should Press
    • took 12.5kg
    • form ok
    • can do better
  6. triceps pull over
  7. Dip
  8. Leg curls
  9. Leg lift
  10. crunches<
  11. V twist >> dragonboat style too ,good for swimming
  12. stretch cord.

and there is training this sat at sentosa, Hopefully I can become leaner and better looking as the training goes on …

Actually I am already LEANER haha

Russian Twist

Exercise Data
Main Muscle Worked: Abdominals
Other Muscles Worked: Lower Back
Equipment: BodyOnly
Mechanics Type: Compound

Tips: Secure your feet either by placing them under something that won’t move or by having a partner hold them. Start in the position shown above, leaning slightly back and clasping your hands in front of you. Moving only at the trunk, rotate to one side. At the end of your range of motion, quickly reverse the movement and rotate to the opposite side. Repeat in a rapid fashion for the full number of reps. You can also hold a weight or medicine ball to increase the difficulty.

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