Mars and Venus Talk

When a woman is upset, she needs time to explore her feelings by sharing before she is able to be her loving, appreciative, accepting, and trusting self. When she is unable to explore her feelings, she becomes overwhelmed, overreacts, and then feels exhausted. At that point she requires even more time to come back to her center. To lighten her load, what she needs most from a man is his caring and attention, respect for her needs, and understanding.

When a woman has no one to share with, she begins to feel the weight of all her responsibilities.

A man typically goes into judgment and blame when a woman is upset or overwhelmed. She needs instead for him to listen and support her without trying to fix her or correct her. He must consciously resist trying to give advice or telling her how she should feel; otherwise she will feel invalidated. When men truly realize how they unknowingly hurt women in this way, they automatically become more considerate and respectful.

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So why not take this opportunity to send a card to your loved ones and give her a big surprised ???

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