EngLIsh NK1001

: )
today is my english Qet exam, I am quite sad and disappointed with myself. I did not manage completely to finsh the paper. I think i spent to much time on the proofing reading part. I did not have good time management.

So in case how can positive thinkning help me , hopefully I could Pass my english thsi sem so that next sem will not need to take it again.

When i was doing the paper, I feel so tense up , whats worng with me. wasn’t I supose to be positive??? Was I too confident or I am just weak in english. Now I have a choice either to put this thing behind me and get ready for the next paper on tue day or I let this worry burden me down. it easy to say to pput this behind me, but how do i actually do it , is there a formular???

I have a choice, I decided to put thsi behind me and get ready for the next paper.

another feeling I had was when I came put the exam hall I feel so restless… I feel lonely? Why do I have this feeling? I think I was looking for someone to speak too. I have friends in NUS… or I have NOT found my true friends???
I can put this behind me. I can ut this behind me … tml will be better

Questions ?/
DO you mind what others think of you ?
Looks on thier face ??


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