So stress. Trying to calm myself down after going thru my FNA test result. What did I do wrong? was I careless or simply I do not understand the subject. all these negative thought are runnning through my mind.

Aruggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg SO many project ;;;;;: )

however, a small part of my mind keep say , why are you saying all this negative stuff. You went through EAP you know that with negative thnking you generate results.
futhermore , there are chances that I could get back in shape.

Talking about shape, after coming to NUS for around 3-4 months , I think I am out of shape. I still perfer the time when I was in SAFRA and doing my E-ventZ, i did not feel so stress it was so carefree.

haha but anyway , I think we need to be pressure to perform better. But my eyes bags are getting bigger after coming into NUS . NOT ENOUGH SLEEP HAHAHA

I am going to cycle home now, preparing for TRI tml . hope I get something tml
My target to at least a 3.5 this semester ……

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