A friend of mine sends me this link.

I find it really amazing, that NTU students really made all those comments.
I do find it funny at first, but I start to realize is it real very bad to make funny comment to other people, esp. their lecturers. Although I do not know this lecture but I do respect him to show all those comments. It not easy to face the crowd when the joke is on you. Do you all think the students purposely wrote the comments, what were they thinking when they were writing it?

I understand sometimes that when an overseas teaches a particular and some students may find problem understanding the language, but I don’t think that’s the fault of the lecturer. I think sometimes students should make the effort to do some research instead of begin spoon-fed.

Well I think the convection education of Singapore have made less daring? How do I put it more closed? Eg. When a teacher ask a question, who are the students usually that raise up their hand. I think it will be mostly foreign student. What happen to us? Why don’t we dare to rise up our hand scare of failure? Shy?

I do have this problem and I am trying to overcome it…..what do you all think?

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