Cambodia HeartBeat Concert Tickets for sale

Hello People,

Please Read this : )

Cambodia Heartbeat is joint initiative of the NUS Students’ Business Club’s special project committee with YMCA (Singapore) to organize a community service expedition to Cambodia from 29 December 2006 – 7 January 2007 with the aim of

1) Helping poor communities.
2) Along side this objective is the desire to expose the team to the needs of the communities around us, to develop corporate leaders of tomorrow with a heart for the needy.
3) To create a platform of community awareness in Business School.

The team, which consists of 22 students (some of whom are seasoned expedition
Members), will be there to teach English, arts and music. There are also talks on a plan to build a road to improve the accessibility of a village.

so we are planning to do a charity concert within our school. And the CONCERT tickets is now on sale.

It is going at $12.00 each.
There are 2 dates to this event
09 and 10 0f Nov 2006
Time will be from 1930 onwards

There will be performance by different bands from NUS as well as external band.

Please Support Us in this event.

My number is 94762648.

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