Better Distribution

But ultimately, Pinterest didn’t need better engineering, said Silbermann. It needed better distribution. Via Link An easy to read article on how Pinterest grow. They initially thought that they needed better technology / algorithm for their site but it turns out they just needed better distribution. I believe for many startups, we are facing the […]

The Fifth Business Model For App Store

I’m a big fan of Studio Neat. I owned a Cosmonaut, a big fat stylus that works beautifully like a marker. You might say that Pencil is better but I still like my Cosmonaut. Currently there are 4 different kind of business model on the App Store. Free with ads Free with in-app purchase Paid subscription […]

Writing a 3rd Party iOS Keyboard

I wanted to make a gif keyboard when iOS 8 allowed for custom keyboards. I met into some issues that are rather constraining and challenging. Alexei Baboulevitch log down all the challenges he had while developing his custom keyboard. If you are thinking of making one too, you should read this.  This was a satisfying project […]

App Store Keyword Brainstorming

As more and more apps get published every day, keywords will become increasingly competitive and you will need to come up with alternatives to keep your app ranking well for relevant keywords. via App Store Keyword Brainstorming: The Art And Science Of Success – Sensor Tower Blog. While websites compete on SEO, iOS developers too […]

Unwilling To Pay

I’m not into mobiles but I know it’s not easy to develop an iOS game especially one with such premium experiences. Monument Valley is a great game that has been getting 5 stars but the recent upgrade sees it getting 1 star rating simply because an expansion pack was added and it had to be paid. Eli Hodapp […]

Lecture 6 – Growth

This is one of the best presentations you’ll see on growing your online business. The strategies work great for both startups and bootstrap companies. Favourite line in the presentation:  “if you don’t have a great product there’s no point executing well on growing it because it won’t grow” Without a great product, no marketing or […]

Obsession with cell-phones

A short film by director Matthew Frost starring actress Kirsten Dunst shows how the world’s obsession with cell-phones and selfies are. It’s made into a film because it is happening right now. I’m sure most of us know it but we choose to ignore it, because we love the endless scrolling, we love the new status update that is […]

How I Won The Lottery By Darius Kazemi

If you have been watching the YC “How to start a startup”, you might notice that the “consensus” towards starting a successful startup has nothing to do with Luck but everything to do with Hardwork.  I do not denied this, starting up is hard work. I read Ben Horowitz’s The Hard Thing About Hard Things […]